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Learn how to become an even more

Successful Leader

Learn to lead yourself first, and then inspire others


Participate in live group coaching and mentoring with a Professional Master Coach. Dive deep into learning how to master self-leadership - lead yourself and then others.

Empower yourself to consciously decide how you approach challenges, the relationships you build, your communication with others and creating the business and life you desire.





5.30-7.00PM AEDT (NSW)

Connect with others experiencing similar challenges who are seeking solutions.

Build your leadership skills and tap into your personal power, learn from others and fast track your results.

“The single biggest way to impact an organisation is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

— John C Maxwell

Your 12 Week Group Leadership Program

Successful Leaders Blueprint

Join your Professional Master Coach and a group of supportive peers for a 12 week program, where you will experience live coaching and mentoring, self-paced online learning and a trusted masterclass group. Learn to overcome exhaustion, overwhelm and stress, learn to create time and design life on your terms. This program focuses on how to master self-leadership, so you can inspire and lead others.

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Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Program Group - online


Leadership Coaching and Mentoring live virtual group programs, led by a highly qualified and experienced Successful Leaders Professional Master Coach. 

Team Meeting


Leadership Community


Join a community of like-minded peers as you dive deep into self-leadership and then inspiring and leading others. Connect with others experiencing similar challenges who are seeking solutions and gain new perspectives and ways of looking at challenges and opportunities. Empower yourself and fast track your results.

Business Colleagues


Online Course


Learn the 12 Steps to becoming a Successful Leader to inspire, influence and innovate. Developing leadership skills is the key to creating success in your business and in life. Includes 12 weeks' access to this online self-paced course, including workbooks and videos.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

— John F Kennedy

12 Week Virtual Group Coaching & Mentoring Program

Be coached and mentored by the best, and connect with like-minded peers. Fast track your success. 



12 Steps to Self-Leadership Mastery Self-Paced Online Course

12 units, videos and workbooks – all designed for you to learn at your own pace and dig deep into your own leadership. Access for 12 weeks.


Bonus Recordings of 12 Week Program & Access to Community Group

As part of your membership, you receive recordings of the 12 Week Program & Discussion Group library. Start whenever you want. Access for 6 months.


Who This Is For

To dive deep into understanding your leadership style and commit to becoming your ultimate you with the right coach is an unique journey that not everyone chooses to go on... but for the people passionate about personal growth, who know there's more within them and who want to bring that out for themselves and for the people around them, it's one of the most rewarding journey you'll ever embark on.


I am passionate about finding out what makes me tick. I'm just not really sure where to start...

I am ready to be the leader I'm truly capable of, leading myself and then others.

I am dedicated to achieving my business potential and inspiring my team to achieve theirs.

I am dedicated to my own personal growth and know it takes 100% commitment. 

I am ready to find out who I am and what I am capable of as a leader. 

I am ready to take action now and stop procrastinating.


The team is always the problem.

They are stuck where they are now. They will never be high performing.

Change doesn't take effort or commitment.

I already know everything. It's other people who are stopping me achieving my potential. It's not my fault.

VALUED AT $10,997



Kath Prior


Hi I'm Kath Prior, I'm the founder and head coach of Successful Leaders Coaching and I'm thrilled that you're here.


I'm a life and leadership coach and motivational speaker and through accredited behavioural profiling, world class coaching methodologies and transformational programs, I help people like you achieve your professional and personal goals, create a life filled with purpose, and develop self-leadership skills.

Whether you're looking to Inspire, Influence or Innovate, to achieve the next level of success, I am here to help you become the person you were destined to be.

I trust this is the beginning of our journey together to discover your passion, unleash your power, create success in life, leadership and in business.


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I was referred to Kath to assist me with my business, but it quickly turned into one of the most intense personal growth experiences of my life.  In a short time, I had discovered that my success both in business and life was tied to my ability to find the real core of who I was and what I needed.  Through Kath I chose learning about myself and now have such effective tools that I am ready for the next stage in growth. Kath’s unique style of coaching has brought me closer to those I truly value and the person I want to become.

Michael Callan

Chief Executive Officer,

Australian Fraud and Anti-Corruption Academy

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Kath Prior is no ordinary Life and Leadership coach. She's gifted , intuitive, wields a wealth of knowledge and offers clients, whether individuals or groups, a personalised practical, approach to overcome success roadblocks in life, relationships, health, business or just about any area that her audience is willing to grow in, both personally and professionally. 

At our recent Team Retreat, Kath Prior inspired the team and management with insight into Behavioural profiles, adapting communication styles to elevate customer experiences and team collaboration as well as how to set and prioritise goals. The 4 hour session had the team buzzing with excitement and self awareness, ready to embrace new found strategies in the workplace and in life. I highly recommend Kath!

Lucille Ferreira


The Temple Day Spa

nick udy pfp.jpeg


I have really benefited from having coaching with Kath as she constantly encourages me to develop and push my boundaries in all areas of my professional and personal life. Her knowledge about leadership and her understanding around peoples ego is an asset to all.

Nick Udy

Business Owner,

Nu Electrical

leslie kadish pfp.jpeg


I love coaching sessions with Kath. She is AMAZING at what she does! Kath is kind, compassionate and great at listening and understanding on so many different levels. I have grown so much since working with Kath. She has opened my eyes up to a whole new way of looking at business. We have worked on building my leadership skills and how to achieve goals that I have set. I am now on a clear path to success. Kath has also done EDISC profiling for me which has helped me understand my strengths, improved my self-awareness and it is a great tool to understand my workforce and how to grow healthy teams Coaching with Kath has helped me so much in business and I have also learnt a lot about myself in the process. If you feel like you are still in the same place and not growing in your business or in life, I highly recommend Kath. I have accomplished more in a few months than 4 years on my own. Thank you Kath!

Leslie Kadish

Client Services Coordinator / Director

Best Choice Care



Kath is instantly easy to talk to. Her careful listening, caring manner and non-judgmental attitude made it all the more uncomplicated to divulge my story. Kath has an array of very helpful exercises/ advice/ tools in her expansive kit! Within a short time frame I feel I have been able to get off my 'hamster wheel', move forward, and get on with what's really important in my life. Highly recommend her!

Susie Ferreria

Creative Founder,

Casa Flair Interiors

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