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I am the Managing Director of Successful Leaders and through our world standard self-leadership course, transformational group masterminds and cutting-edge Life and Leadership coaching, I help leaders and business owners like you overcome barriers to success, take control of today, and realise your full potential.  I help people become even more Successful Leaders.


And if you’re reading this wondering…is that really possible? Here’s how it all started for me…. I knew something had to change for me. I remember feeling like I had the leadership roles I wanted but I felt exhausted, unfulfilled and overwhelmed. I had it all on the outside but felt empty and helpless on the inside. I felt stuck in a cycle of never-ending long hours, stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and my life felt completely out of balance. 

That was the turning point – I knew something had to change. It became my mission to seek out what was missing – why didn’t I feel happy? It became a quest for me to find out how to create a life that is phenomenal and fulfilling.


I started to search the internet, read books, listen to speakers, and attend trainings. For the first time, I started to invest in myself and I discovered a whole new world out there. So, I began studying human behaviour. First to transform my own life and then I started helping others too.


I took it into my own hands to turn things around and begin to create an extraordinary life for myself. Along the way I learnt the formula to finding meaning in life,  focus, clarity, passion, purpose and living life on my terms. As I upgraded my life this flowed onto my business. I noticed this pattern with others and their lives and saw their business flourishing.


As my friends, family and colleagues started seeing the difference in me, the changes I’d made in my life…they started asking me how I did it. That’s when I knew I had to share this with more people... 

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And that’s how Successful Leaders came about. Last week, my client lit up when he shared with me about the wins in his life he never thought possible…his success had taken off in his business, his leadership, in his relationships, and in his life…he was amazed and thrilled about what we were able to achieve together.


I wish I'd had something like this earlier in my career and life, someone to inspire and influence me with innovative ideas. Because, instead of spending thousands of hours filtering through hundreds of articles of advice and various courses from so-called 'gurus' out there and feeling exhausted I would have the exact structure, systems and skills needed to help me create transformational change. 


And that is exactly what I’d like to share with you as we explore on our journey together.

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  • Discover your EDISC leadership and team profile and gain powerful insights into how you lead, communicate and inspire
  • Discover how to maximise your strengths and potential
  • Ignite your passion and unlock your potential


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