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Expressing gratitude is so empowering. When you choose to express gratitude every day, you will be amazed at how much happiness and success will flow into your life.

Most people adopt a mindset that gratitude isn’t important. Expressing gratitude has so many benefits; it creates happiness, it helps you feel positive emotions, it improves your health, it promotes resilience and strengthens relationships.

Gratitude, in the form of recognition in the workplace, directly increases performance and productivity.

Research shows that fear and gratitude cannot co-exist in the brain at the same time. Our brain will replace fear with gratitude, if we allow it to, by focusing on the positive feeling of gratitude.

Being grateful is about taking a moment to be present and acknowledging what you have and what you’ve achieved.

This journal will help you to deepen your gratitude and create even more success!




Celebrating your successes is so powerful. Not only does it create the conditions for achieving more and greater success, it motivates us to keep going, it makes us feel awesome, and instils in us a positive and confident mindset.

In today’s world, many people adopt a mindset that celebrating isn’t important, that they don't have time for it, that it’s an indulgence that distracts them from spending their time more productively by going straight on to the next task.

Celebrating success has so many benefits: it trains our mind to remember what we did to create that success and to recreate that success in future; it helps create a mindset of self-belief, confidence and expectation that we will keep succeeding; it keeps us motivated; it makes us feel awesome; it helps us be more positive; and it helps create a more fulfilling life.

This journal will help you to create even more opportunities to celebrate your success!

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