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We envision a community where every woman is nurtured, supported, guided by wisdom and tools, and is lovingly challenged to grow and transform in life, both personally and professionally.


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Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Discovery Session valued at $997


Develop a 3-step action plan that will get you results in your life and relationships ASAP.

Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997

Take a look at your current situation to see what is/isn't working

Identify what's possible for you in the next 90 days and beyond.

Uncover what's holding you back from wanting more, being more and doing more.

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Down below this video, you're going to be able to see hundreds of women whom we've actually helped reclaim their superpowers and reinvent themselves while experiencing a life filled with confidence, self-love, purpose and success.


We're all about committing to learning and taking steps towards a space of love and kindness. We aim to create a sisterhood where women not only survive but utilise their unique superpowers to thrive in life, relationships, business and career.


“Working with Kath has been such an advantage for me personally and for my business. Kath's easy going and professional manner made it so easy to connect with her teachings, strategies and her wisdom. Her capacity to deliver content is congruent with her high values and leadership qualities, so evident as she walks her talk. Her classes are so well organised; they flow; with time for questions and sharing, and the information relevant and valuable. I always knew where I needed to be and what to expect with Kath with, timely pre-event emails and reminders, and post-event follow up as promised.


I thoroughly recommend Kath to women needing support, encouragement and greater success in relationships, business, career and in life.”



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Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997

"Working with Kath Prior was the best thing that could have happened to me after I lost my direction in life following my husband's tragic truck accident. I was utterly lost, merely surviving day by day. When I met Kath, it felt like the universe had sent her my way to help me rediscover the light in life. Working with Kath helped me not just survive but thrive again. Her support, knowledge, and wisdom are outstanding. She goes above and beyond in every way, and I will forever be thankful for this. Her support enabled me to start my own successful coaching business in a remarkably short time. I'm running workshops, have paying coaching clients, and most importantly, I've started truly living again. Kath, you are AMAZING, the best coach ever. Keep doing what you're doing, and more women can find their inner selves, living the lives they want and deserve. Much love!"


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“Kath took me on a journey of self discovery and opened my eyes to the possibility of next level growth through relationship building, which flowed through to my career. I knew I wanted more and needed a second pair of eyes to show me different strategies and pathways for change. Kath’s style is supportive, insightful and an incredible coaching experience. I would happily recommend Kath to anyone wanting to break through their “glass ceiling”.”


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“I have worked with Kath in a 1:1 capacity and as part of her group program. Kath’s approach is full of compassion and enthusiasm with a true desire to hold space for you to express yourself openly and honestly. She leads in a way that is empowering for all in her presence. Throughout my time working with Kath she always kept me accountable, was honest in her feedback and empathetic all at the right times. The way she uses her intuition to know what I need and when is exactly what I want in a coach. Working with Kath has strengthened my personal power and my self-belief and nurtured me on my self-love journey. Now I am trusting myself and moving forward. After each interaction with Kath, whether 1:1 or in the group program, I always came away learning something new about myself that I was able to integrate in my life. I have experienced phenomenal growth within myself and my business as a result. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kath and I would highly recommend Kath to anyone who is looking for a coach with the utmost integrity & commitment and is ready to lean into developing their self-love, self-trust & self-belief and experience exponential growth in all areas of their life.”


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Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997

The leadership coaching sessions from Kath have been very powerful and impactful.

Working with Kath has been a wonderful experience as she helped me in a time of transition to balance my family and professional goals

Tanya & Michael Borg
Director,Borg Civil Australia



Kath was amazing in facilitating our team bonding day. She was professional, kept us on our toes and most of all kept us engaged and focused on the team's strategic planning. Thanks again, Kath.

Meadhbh Roche
Promotions Coordinator, Solve-TAD


meadhbh pfp.jpeg

When you're stepping into something completely unknown, it brings up uncertainty and anxiety. This is what I was experiencing after I’d published my book and was getting ready to
take it out to market.

  • What would people think?

  • What if they didn't like what I'd written?

  • What if no one wanted to buy it?

These thoughts were taking over and I was unable to feel joy or the sense of achievement that comes from completing such a big project. Kath worked with me to find my bliss and bring out the excitement I held within and I'm over the moon that now
I have readers who tell me how much they can relate to my book!

I'm very grateful for this healing soul work that Kath does. If you feel your emotions are stuck, are finding it hard to
celebrate yourself and your achievements and move forward free from anxiety, she can help.

Eda Utku


Thank you Kath Prior (my Coach) for being one of the many best gifts I give to myself.

You are a testament of my present transformation and will remain a pivotal player in my coaching journey forward.
Below is my first testimonial.

Look forward to many more to come.

Shona Maclean



Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997

I would like to say thank you to Kath for the coaching sessions that I had with her. Kath is a very kind and caring coach but at the same time she is not afraid to call you out on things that aren't serving you well.

During our sessions I felt heard and safe enough to share some deep hurts. Kath didn't stay on the surface but went deep when necessary.
Kath was able to help me recognise patterns and behaviours that were not serving me in life, as well as beliefs that I had that were limiting me and with Kath's help I was able to change these behaviours.

I learnt so much through these sessions and now believe that I live my life in a much more impactful and meaningful way. I highly recommend Kath as a coach.



christine moore.jpg

"I have grown so much since working with Kath. She has opened my eyes up to a whole new way of looking at business. We have worked on building my leadership skills and how to achieve goals that I have set. I am now on a clear path to success.


Coaching with Kath has helped me so much in business and I have also learnt a lot about myself in the process. If you feel like you are still in the same place and not growing in your business or in life, I highly recommend Kath. I have accomplished more in a few months than 4 years on my own."


Slides  Break Through To Your Success  Masterclass No_edited.jpg

When I first met Kath I was in a job I wasn't enjoying and was feeling overwhelmed with life and the way I was dealing with certain relationships in it.

From my first session, Kath was incredibly understanding and was both professional and personal when approaching my coaching. She really took the time to understand me and the way I personally functioned and processed challenges, and then was able to help me with strategies to handle anything life throws my way.

Kath helped me reassess my values, my boundaries and my goals and I've since moved full-time into a job I love!



Business Meeting

Last year my whole life changed by not knowing this was coming for me. My ex-husband left me without any explanation and that hurt me during lockdown but this made me such a strong woman after I got recommended by a family friends to Kath prior my whole life changed.

This beautiful lady changed my life to love myself and to care about myself which before I didn’t know how to love myself and be there for myself .

It is very important to love yourself and she was so supportive from the
beginning till end of my marriage. She even thought me how to control my anger towards my son and I am loving myself, I am strong and I can do this and nothing will stop me. I would recommend her to my friends and family she is such a beautiful person and I miss talking with her.



Business Meeting

“My wonderful journey with Kath


Understanding, defining and acknowledging the reasons behind the decisions I have made, and therefore have hugely impacted my life, formed a large part of my self-discovery journey with Kath.


When I started with Kath I was in a pretty bad state emotionally and was lacking in the real understanding of how I had ended up in a situation where I felt constantly sad and regretful. I had no idea how to move forward for myself. Supportive family and friends were amazing but they didn't give me the answers I needed to the many questions I had.


The positive impact this journey has had on me is immeasurable. As Kath supported me, I began to understand how more and more of the past experiences in my life definitely influenced the relationships I had as an adult. The reasons I chose past partners became so clear to me.

It was fascinating how one session with Kath would lead so seamlessly into the next session as the intricate web of my insecurities, phobias, fears and regrets came to light.

Kath is so incredibly gentle and kind as you work your way through personal issues. Her wisdom, honesty and careful questioning are so refreshing. Sometimes, she would make me laugh when I felt she was actually reading my mind!! Her level of intuition is powerful. However, I never felt awkward, nervous or concerned when discussing my inner-most fears and thoughts.


Kath focusses on your way forward and how your inner strength is so valuable in your journey to be happier and healthier. She highlights the importance of self-image and how deserving we are to be loved. This was a really emotional step forward for me and Kath had to continually re-emphasis it for me to believe it. Now I do!


Kath gives you lots of information to digest and I love all the information I have written down from our sessions. It is a highly valuable resource when I need it.

Finally, at the end of our last session I was touched when Kath said I could contact her any time if I needed her.

I hope many women can meet Kath so she can support them to lead incredibly happy lives.”


Slides  Break Through To Your Success  Masterclass No_edited.jpg

Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997


Gain access to your 1:1 FREE Leadership Success Discovery Session valued at $997


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