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You can't set effective and actionable goals without a clear vision

Having a vision

Did you know that less than 1% of people write down and review their goals regularly?

According to Jack Canfield, this small percentage of people earn 9 times more over the course of their lifetimes than those who don't set goals.

What makes it hard for 99% of people to set goals and take action?

It's because they don't have a vision in the first place.

All leaders need to create a vision statement that tells where the organisation is heading, and the reason for its being.

When you have a vision, you don’t make decisions on your mood, you make them on who you are becoming as a leader.

Ultimately, the vision of your organisation is determined by what you care about.

What you want to achieve with the business

What kind of people do you want in your team

What culture do you want to build inside the organisation

Once you have pictured what you want your world to look like and what you are moving towards, you will find the right focus and direction.

What are the benefits of becoming a visionary leader?

Creating a vision statement can be as easy as answering three crucial questions.

But how can it really impact the way you lead your teams and build a successful organisation?

Being a visionary leader is about having a guide in decision-making and creating motivation for your team.

They are able to communicate to the team what they see in the future and paint a clear picture of what they hope to accomplish.

They are more skilled at anticipating future trends, so they are better prepared to deal with problems that may occur, and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Understanding your vision provides a framework for you to accelerate your growth and deepen our impact.

Creating your vision statement

In order for your team to perform at their best, you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to do?

  2. How will you do it?

  3. What impact do you hope to make?

Gather your answers and write them down in this format:

To [what you want to do]

by [how you'll do it]

so that [what impact you hope to make]

It's time to make decisions about your self-leadership and be the visionary leader that your future self will thank you for.

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