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We Can’t Solve Leadership Problems with a Management Mindset

According to 2022 Leadership Statistics, a staggering 79% of employees will quit due to a lack of appreciation.

And the gap here is the difference between management and leadership.

Leadership is very different from management.

It’s different to motivating people to work harder…

It’s different to tying people to the rules…

It’s different to imposing consequences or giving out external incentives to get people to behave well…

Leaders influence and inspire their teams to contribute to the success of the organisation.

Leaders believe in their teams’ potential before they see it.

Leaders empower their teams to think beyond what they thought possible.

If you’re going to be an inspirational leader, the biggest thing that you would want to do is to build relationships and get people to come together as a team.

Inspirational leaders connect with people.

Inspirational leaders show people that they care.

Inspirational leaders let people know that they matter.

From here, you’ll see that people will stick around and stay longer because they feel that they are contributing to a purpose that they believe in.

Instead of being the source of tasks, you will be seen as a source of inspiration and a model of excellence.

You level up by creating an inspired space where people are taking notice of each other, acknowledging each other’s efforts and congratulating each other for a job well done. A space that values trust, vulnerability and feedback.

How do inspirational leaders do this?

They take the time to know themselves. Because in mastering ourselves comes true power.

Remember, your leadership journey always starts with you. It starts with being a leader in your own life.

It’s about making a commitment to yourself.

It’s about doing the work consistently.

It’s about believing in yourself as a leader and seeing yourself as one.

Only then, you would be able to build warm and meaningful relationships with your team. People start to work collaboratively when they feel that they matter and when they are working towards a purpose they believe in.

The inspirational leader that we want to become is fully within our grasp.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What type of leader am I right now?

  • What type of leader do I want to be?

  • Why does this matter to me?

  • What am I going to implement immediately as a result?

And see how the change unfolds in your leadership.

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