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Victim or Victor: How to respond effectively to tough situations in life and business

Choose the way you want to experience the world

In business, countless things happen all at once.

Situations can go out of hand easily and pinpointing gaps can become hard if we allow problems to get into our heads.

Even if events can happen beyond our control, such as a traffic collision or serious illness…

It’s still up to us how we choose to respond to these events and how we live moving forward.

Will you choose to avoid or embrace responsibility for your actions?

Will you refuse to participate or be open and curious?

Will you say no or say YES to your leadership development?

Your experience depends on your thinking.

Change the way you respond to challenges

Instead of avoiding responsibility or thinking below the line, we must practice ownership and accountability or thinking above the line.

Above-the-line thinking is about embracing 100% responsibility for creating everything that happens in our lives.

Successful people believe that they are ultimately responsible for how their lives turned out.

A successful leader thinks,

“I will find a way.”

"I will learn how to inspire my team to be the best version of themselves."

Whether you want to build a more respectful culture in your team, see yourself as a more effective leader or want better business results…

Reflect on your thinking.

Are you thinking above the line or below the line?

No one can make you feel angry, sad, or disconnected, the same way no one can make you feel connected, appreciated or successful.

We are responsible for our experiences and how we choose to show up as a leader.

Moving towards improving your leadership

“Say YES and figure out how.”

Take one small action today to move towards who you want to be tomorrow.

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Inside, you'll find a valuable worksheet with five prompts to help you reflect on your current thinking and apply the concept of above-the-line thinking to your everyday life.

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