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Unearth the 5 Steps to Move from Being Reactive to Proactive in Leading Your Organisation

On approaching leadership problems with the right mindset

Every leader faces these two main challenges almost every day:

Keeping teams motivated and having effective communication

The difference that separates successful leaders from others is their mindset in approaching these challenges.

While others are reactive, successful leaders are proactive.

Instead of repeating the same patterns, they take the initiative to develop and inspire their team.

Instead of strictly following rules to make sure everyone is on the same page, they build high-trust relationships with themselves and others.

Instead of giving out incentives, they prioritise aligning the values of the team to build collective strength.

Your capacity to grow is endless when you have a proactive mindset.

The role of emotional intelligence in being proactive

Everyone has the capacity to develop their leadership skills and become proactive leaders.

If you're struggling to commit to yourself, build your capacity, and see yourself as a leader right now, this reflects on your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is our awareness of our own and others' emotions.

Emotionally intelligent leaders gain awareness through open feedback which they use to motivate themselves and others.

We also use this awareness to manage our relationships with others.

Low EQ relationships are cold and distant; people avoid each other and are easily frustrated.

High EQ relationships are warm and meaningful, featuring high trust and vulnerability.

So if we want to be proactive leaders, we should be aware of how we process our emotions, what type of leader we want to be, and what relationship we want to have with our team.

The 5 steps to becoming a more proactive leader

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