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The 7 small but impactful steps you can take to go from being a regular manager to an inspirational leader

What does it take to be an inspiration to your team?

Most leaders are already excellent at solving problems and pushing the organisation toward its goals.

But why do most leaders still find it hard to inspire their teams and develop deeper relationships with them?

What's lacking is their ability to empower others.

Because ultimately, it's not just about doing the job, it's about being.

The impact of your leadership on the workforce is directly affected by how you lead your life, how you use your voice, and how you act.

Inspirational leaders have great habits and routines that they follow each day to build the core of who they are and be able to empower the people around them.

Leading from within: What habits can help you become a successful leader?

To inspire yourself naturally and in turn, help you build genuine relationships with people inside your organisation, here's a list of habits that you can start with:

  1. Gratitude Gratitude assists in creating a more positive outlook. It makes a leader compassionate, considerate, empathetic and loved among others. To express genuine gratitude is to build interpersonal bonds and create feelings of closeness with the people inside your organisation.

  2. Goals Leaders' overwhelm and anxiety commonly stem from the lack of preparation. Dreams and aspirations turn into reality when we develop a plan with definite steps or goals. A leader who writes down realistic goals feels significantly more motivated and fulfiled when the goals are met.

  3. Affirmation There's value in giving yourself positive affirmations and patting yourself on the back. They upgrade your brain’s neurology, which you can use as a springboard to upgrading your reality. It doesn't happen overnight but by incorporating these daily affirmations into your routine, you'll change your outlook on life little by little.

  4. Generosity Generosity in the workplace can be small actions that have a positive impact on those around you. When we give, our mind is filled with happiness and compassion. It doesn't have to only be financial. You can give by sharing knowledge, encouraging others, or inspiring others to improve.

  5. Celebrating Your Wins When achieving a goal, most people immediately move straight onto the next task. However, it helps to take a pause and acknowledge your wins no matter how small they are. This gives you a feeling of pride and happiness, making you want to go further towards your next achievement. Generally, people who celebrate their successes become more positive and confident.

  6. Daily Improvements Making big improvements starts with small positive changes made on a daily basis. When things don’t work out as planned, having this habit in place will change the way we think. We can view every failure as feedback to improve and upgrade our behaviour and results.

  7. Get a Coach There are huge improvements in your leadership that you would not be able to make by yourself. This is why you need an invaluable resource that will support you in your leadership journey. Great leaders have coaches that help them make improvements in their lives and business.

Your road to inspiring your team and building positive business relationships

To get started on your journey of building better habits, I have prepared seven journal prompts for you to answer regularly:

  1. What are 3 things you're grateful for today?

  2. What are 3 goals you want to achieve tomorrow?

  3. List down 3 affirmations you want to tell yourself.

  4. What's 1 kind act you did today?

  5. What are your wins for today?

  6. What's 1 thing you want to improve on?

By regularly checking in on your progress as you answer these questions, be amazed by how optimistic, confident, and appreciative you'll become!

To becoming a successful leader,


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