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The 5 Phases of Leadership: Your Ladder to Success

Effective leadership starts with leading yourself

Despite efforts to increase team engagement, many leaders still find themselves struggling to influence their teams effectively.

Micromanaging teams and putting out fires have been the reasons why they get stuck in an unending unhealthy cycle.

To address this, we have to think about incentives and regulations.

We have to dive into personal growth and self-leadership.

By consistently evaluating one's leadership journey and striving for ongoing growth and improvement…

Leaders can achieve a deeper sense of fulfilment, and a higher level of effectiveness.

And move from merely occupying a leadership role to demonstrating effective results.

Where are you in your leadership journey?

The first step to growth and self-leadership is knowing where you are now and where you want to go next.

After working with leaders for many years, developing my own self-leadership, and conducting thorough research, I have identified the five stages of leadership.

Phase 1 - Authority

Leaders heavily rely on rules and regulations to compel people in the organisation to take action. People only follow the leader because they feel obligated to do so, as the leader has power and authority over them.

Phase 2 - Affinity

Leaders are starting to establish relationships with their team members. People follow because they want to because they feel a connection or affinity with the leader.

Phase 3 - Achievement

Leaders are proving their value by achieving results. People follow because they walk the talk.

Phase 4 - Advancement

Leaders are helping team members grow their potential as leaders. People follow because of what the leader has done to advance and develop the team.

Phase 5 - Aspiration

Leaders are committed to growing themselves and others. They go beyond to become exceptional, outstanding examples of leadership, icons of leadership success. People follow because of who the leader is and what they represent, and people aspire to the same values and ideals.

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