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Is your team having a hard time making decisions independently?

As a leader, you do the bulk of the decision-making for the organisation.

But why do you still find yourself in a situation where it’s tough to make a decision?

It is because you were unclear about what you valued most within that situation.

Most people are not fully aware of their values, because their values lie dormant under the surface of their actions

However, we must keep this from happening because the true secret to happiness inside your organisation no matter how tough the going gets is by living congruently with your organisation's values.

Why are values important?

Your values are the emotional state you want to experience on a consistent basis.

They are what’s most important to you.

They are the foundation – the pillars of your home.

They are the priorities that give you meaning.

Your core values can reveal what types of decisions you're likely to make about what you do with your time, who you will want to have relationships with, and what you stand for.

They are the core principles for making choices.

They are unconscious motivators.

They are one of the filters through which we create our reality.

Let's elicit your leadership values!

When you know your values, you will make decisions quickly and change your mind slowly. Below are 5 questions you should ask yourself to identify your leadership values:

1. What type of leader do you ultimately want to be?

Do you want to be a leader that is continually growing, that is leading from a position of strength, or that is open?

2. What values would you need to achieve to be the future leader you aspire to become?

3. Based on your current experiences and results, what are your values?

What are you currently valuing right now?

Overwork, ethics, respect, time for reflection, self-doubt, friendship…

4. Based on the list of values you made, Which values are you loving? What are you not loving?

Overwhelm? Self-criticism?

5. Which value is the foundation of all your other values?

Prioritise your values. The order of your values is the order of your priorities.

As you grow and continue on the journey of self-leadership mastery, your values may no longer align with some of your friends or family members – and that’s okay!

Focus on your self-leadership journey.

Listen to what you want not what your family or society expects.

If you want to explore more of the best strategies on how you can win the battle of building a high-performing and engaging team, in the current employment landscape...

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