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Inspirational vs. Forceful Leadership

In the past, leadership was simply about pushing the business towards its goals, regardless of the impact on the workforce.

Being ruthless and stubborn were considered hallmarks of good leadership.

It's called forceful leadership, where people follow because they're forced to.

But it's the story of the past.

We're growing realise that for a business to succeed long-term, a crucial factor is its relationship with its employees.

In order for leaders to be able to lead their organisation to success, they need the “buy-in” of the employees.

What does inspirational leadership look like?

We're welcoming the idea of inspirational leadership. We're adapting, learning, growing.

But what inspirational leadership looks like in practical context, we're not yet clear.

Inspirational leadership is about realising the potential of those you lead in a way that works for them.

It is about inspiring them to push themselves, achieve more and reach that potential.

The key to inspirational leadership is awareness – both self-awareness and awareness of those around you.

You cannot inspire others unless you first inspire yourself, which means knowing what it is that inspires you, and using this to inspire others.

5 steps to becoming an inspirational leader

Step 1: What is your source of inspiration?

Example: Nature, music, run, travel, acts of kindness, skills

Step 2: What do you draw on to fill your cup?

Example: Acts of kindness, read, be around inspiring people, volunteer, nature

Step 3: What is it that you do that is inspiring to others?

Example: Do you go the extra mile? Do you do whatever it takes to look after someone's health, create a great space, educate? Do you look after people's safety? Do you ensure they are legally ok, financially ok?

Step 4: Who do you need to be - to be a source of inspiration?

Let’s focus on the BEING!

Step 5: What inspires people to be more?

What would motivate my team? List at least one attribute that inspires you/your team.

Create space to answer these questions for yourself and watch your leadership & your team transforms.

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