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How To Be An Influential Leader

Are your team members always coming to work late? Do they frequently miss their deadlines?

The common mistake most executive leaders and business owners make when it comes to handling conflicts like this is micromanagement.

In the past, leadership was simply about pushing the business towards its goals, regardless of the impact on the workforce. 

Being ruthless and stubborn were considered hallmarks of good leadership. 

But it's the story of the past.

Excessive control can lead to demotivation and decreased morale, as team members feel they are not trusted to handle their responsibilities.

Constantly being involved in every detail and decision can also be exhausting for the leader. 

Micromanaging increases workload and creates a high-stress environment, leading to burnout.

Coming from a place of self-leadership

As leaders of today’s modern world, we're welcoming the idea of a work-life balance, building supportive teams and fostering a positive culture.

We're growing to realise that for a business to succeed long-term, a crucial factor is its relationship with its employees. 

For that to happen, we should also be shifting our mindset from simply managing our team to inspiring them to become leaders of their own.

It’s now about helping them realign their focus on the vision and mission of the organisation.

It is about inspiring them to push themselves, achieve more and reach their highest potential. 

It’s about influencing excellence in everything they do by becoming role models ourselves.

The key to conscious leadership is awareness – both self-awareness and awareness of those around you. 

You cannot lead others unless you first lead yourself, which means knowing what it is that motivates you and using this to motivate others.

How can you become an influential leader?

“You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with.” - Jim Rohn

Statistically, research states that you are influenced by the people you hang around with.

Happier friends make you happier.

You want to bring to the forefront of your mind that to influence others, you first need to have good influences around you.


By building your inner circle. 

It will help you get feedback from trusted people that wholeheartedly support your leadership growth.


  • Who are the main people you’re surrounding yourself with?

  • Are they influencing you to be more? 

  • Do they encourage you to be the best you can be? 

  • Are they supporting you to be a better leader in your life and the life of others?

To becoming a successful leader,


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