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The 3 pillars of courageous conversations

What holds you back from building supportive and collaborative teams

One blind spot most leaders encounter is the culture of choosing comfort over honest feedback.

Choosing comfort is like taking meaning and connection for granted.

A survey of 10,000 leaders by Brene Brown tells us that most people think avoiding tough conversations is polite.

But the truth is avoiding them can hurt your team's engagement and productivity.

Opting out of conversations about change, diversity and inclusivity can corrode trust inside our organisations more than we realise.

On encouraging courageous conversations inside your organisation

As leaders, we must create opportunities for courageous conversations.

Dialogues where two or more people are encouraged to show up and bring their whole selves with their whole hearts so they can innovate, solve problems and serve people vulnerably.

There is no cynicism, blaming, shaming, perfectionism or emotional stoicism.

It's about creating a space or culture where direct communication takes place.

It’s about challenging current practices or systems, fostering improvement and

growth, listening to and acting on feedback.

A culture where people have courageous conversations would look like this:

People are OK with uncertainty.

People feel safe taking risks.

People promoting inclusion.

People see innovation.

People understand you can have fear and courage at the same time.

People are brave and have open hearts.

People develop caring and connection.

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