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How to Increase Team Engagement through Behavioural Profiling

How well do you know your team?

Recently, the most common topic of discussion I see and hear from leaders is team engagement.

They have many questions about how to increase and maintain engagement among team members and create a culture that everyone in the team can be proud of.

Having spent more than 25 years studying human behaviour through the lens of education and leadership, I observed that one common mistake most leaders make is failing to get to know their team better.

They fail to notice that not everyone is aware of what’s going on and what’s expected of them.

They forget to consider every team member’s perspective when making important choices.

It’s not that they want this to happen either.

Most leaders don’t know where to start and what to focus on.

For an easy start, notice how you communicate.

Is it resourceful?

How do others see you?

Do you become unresourceful under pressure?

As we gain awareness of our communication patterns, we shine a light on what we’re doing right and what aspects we need to improve on.

Behavioural patterns

When it comes to communicating more effectively and increasing team engagement, one major aspect to be focused on is behavioural patterns.

Because it ultimately guides how we and our team members decide, communicate and act.

As leaders, our role is about tuning into our team members to know what level of energy, conversational pace, movement and attitude they choose to operate.

Having a better understanding of the behavioural patterns of others equips you to learn how to adjust your behaviour to be even more effective in any situation.

Find more potential for development.

Find more job role alignment.

Discover a better team fit.

The method I use for my clients to successfully help them achieve successful decision-making and communication is behavioural profiling.

It’s not in any way classifying people into good or bad.

It basically illustrates the person’s natural behavioural style or response mode in different situations.

You'll be amazed at how many unnecessary problems you have avoided and find more fulfilment in your leadership role when you start understanding the behavioural patterns of your team and your own.

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Inside, you'll find a deep insight into behavioural profiling and how it can help you increase your team’s engagement.

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